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Christmas Airsoft Suggestions: Best 5 Sniper Rifles

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a high powered sniper rifle! Take a look at the top five Christmas Airsoft snipers we have experienced this past year.

Why Christmas Airsoft?

It’s among the most powerful airsoft sniper rifles in 2020 from the glossynews we’ve ever seen. The rifle is produced by SWS X28, the high-performance branch of Snow Wolf. Although relatively fresh the airsoft scene, SWS X28 is making its mark as among of the premiere high-value, high-performance producers on the planet.

Tight groupings are evident through this rifle’s extended effective range (over 240 ft ! ) ) And are critical to assist you to dominate the Airsoft area. This rifle is similar to best airsoft sniper rifles reviews additional M24 replicas like the CA M24 (market cost = $240+) along with the Tanaka M24 SWS (market cost = $500+), however, the SWS X28 outperforms both in electricity and precision.

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Here at Airsoft Megastore love us some JG weaponry, as well as the JG Bar-10 bolt action sniper rifle, is among the greatest worth sniper rifles thus far. This amazing bolt action rifle is only among the best bolt action sniper rifles on the market priced under $100 – which makes it feasible for every person to undergo a high powered sniper for themselves.

Why Christmas Airsoft Rifles Are Important?

It shoots hard and correctly, includes adjustable jump up, sniper-grade bolt actions, a comfy and research back stock, and a very long, tight-bore sniper barrel. It’s also compatible with the majority of the BAR-10 update parts currently on the market. The JG Bar-10 tops out at over 475 FPS with 0.20gram BBs and retains tight groupings at over 100 feet outside. The Airsoft Megastore bundle also includes the 3-9×40 AOE Adjustable Zoom Illuminated Rifle Scope, which will be easily the very best factory-equipped range we’ve observed on any bolt action sniper rifle.

This SSR [Specialized Sniper Rifle] out of A&K is the most recent manufacturing run unit in A&K. With superior engineering and the extreme production accuracy, this sniper rifle is among the sturdiest bolt actions varieties our team has worked together with. Among the first things, you will notice relating to this gun is its own overpowering equilibrium and equilibrium throughout the construction.

According to A&K’s standing, this rifles structure, finish, and total build-quality is superb. It fires in 440-510 FPS using 0.20gram BBs and using a barrel that steps over 600mm, it’s dead-accurate, allowing you to pick off the goal at distances greater than 100 feet. In reality, it’s powerful range is over 200 feet. This version also comes with an extremely realistic regular 30th SSR magazine.

The WellFire Urban Combat VSR is an all-new complete metallic bolt action sniper. Wellfire is well-known for their own power-packaged weapons, also this sniper rifle is surely a testament to this power. This can be a thicker unit, using a complete metallic sniper barrel which steps over 24 inches and a very hard and precise shot over 500 FPS.

It includes a fluted barrel and a muzzle break on flash hider and will be the perfect full metallic sniper rifle for airsoft appearing an aggressive rifle to shoot exceptionally accurate shots at long distances. This bundle also has a 3-9×40 metal operational searching range with 3x-9x flexible zoom which attaches to the sight railing in addition to a complete metal flexible sniper bipod that easily attaches to the front railing. The bipod is collapsible for greater performance.

This bundle includes all you will need to control on the airsoft field for a sniper, such as a 3-9x40mm range w/ mounts, plus a searchable bipod. The Wellfire G96 weighs in at 11 lbs, fires at 450-500 FPS and includes complete metal outer diameter plus a 1-bit precision inner diameter, a completely flexible cheek pad, completely adjustable butt stock pad, completely adjustable mono-pod, plus a completely adjustable bipod. Additionally included is a Weaver mount, in the front of the gun, for incorporating extra attachments such as knives and flashlights.

Conclusion: This Hellfire’s inventory is constructed of premium excellent ABS plastic, giving a particularly durable feel to the rifle. This is a really balanced and research bit, and the bipod adheres effortlessly incorporating into the rifle’s flexibility and which makes it an exceptionally functional sniper rifle for both transporting and to be used in tight spaces. Priced under $150, and incorporating an adjustable jump up and a very extended barrel, power, and accuracy are guaranteed, which makes this rifle features superior precision and firing ability, which makes it a must-have for any significant sniper.

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