Faith Centered Leadership: Solve A Problem

Kevin Plank recognized an issue. Kevin believed that the burden of these tops negatively affected their performance in the area faith-based t-shirts . Already an entrepreneurial hustler on campus, Kevin chose to find a means to come up with a top that would draw away moisture from your own body. His brashness, imagination, and pure sanity paid off, and they were finally able to signal well-known endorsers.

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Now, his firm, Under Armour has a complete line of athletic clothing, undergarments, and shoes for women and men. They moved out of their very first huge sale in 1996 to become a publicly-traded firm in 2005, and their 2012 next quarter apparel web earnings increased 23 percent to $253 million compared with $205 million in precisely the exact same period of the previous calendar year.

Plank’s answer to some problem became his secret to success. Issues are around us daily. The question is if we realize situations around us as”issues”, and also what exactly do we do about it. This necessitates attention to our environment and issues, and also a willingness to get a part in creating a solution.

A Peanut plus a Sweet Potato

George Washington Carver is also the ideal illustration of this. They originally criticized him because of this proposal, believing that the market would not encourage it nonetheless started to achieve that. Carver, a Christian at a young age, could wake up in the afternoon and head out into the areas where he sought the wisdom of God about what to do with those plants.

God clearly answered his prayer since he created three hundred merchandise in the peanut butter and one hundred in the sweet potato. Why? Since they realized he had been a problem solver. He had the capacity to recognize issues where others missed them. He then had been prepared to have the issue and take on the challenge of fixing it. Eventually, he had the vision and imagination to develop and execute a solution.

Your Personal Issue

Unfortunately too a lot people look beyond the issues surrounding us with all the mindset that we don’t have any capability to address or impact them. We feel helpless and incapable of thinking up a remedy, and seem to somebody else to manage it. But there is nothing particular about Kevin Plank or even George Washington Carver.

They just opened their minds to future chances, and did not let their plight limit them. Both needed a vision to observe that a problem situation and establish a possible settlement for this. They did not blame other people around them for all these issues; they awakened and took responsibility for those solutions. Individuals who present this skillset are precious members of any group


Every one of us has an issue or group of issues assigned to us in God that we are uniquely designed to fix. God is exposing the difficulty to people, and bringing us to Him so he can show the solution. According to our instincts, initiative, and interests, we could be a change agent in our surroundings. He then supplied a suggestion about the best way best to prepare for the famine. Every problem solver will not reach an identical amount of individuals, but every issue has to be dealt with.

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