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Faux Finish Your Formica Countertops into Realistic Granite With These Easy Steps

Raising little ones onto a single mommy’s salary did not let her the funds to substitute these countertops. For her, (as it is to me personally ), residing with these countertops are almost unbearable! They were orange, they were an eyesore.

Formica Countertops

If you confront the exact same type of problem with Formica, or despite ceramic tile, then there’s a fantastic solution and not in any way difficult. The technique is exactly the same for the two surfaces.

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The countertops in our Everett, Washington house were white and quite badly done Formica Sheets. We’ll replace them until we sell the home in 2009 to proceed to our house in Idaho, but that I did not wish to do this until we were prepared to place it to the industry.

Can I stand the inadequate glue job an additional day? Not an Opportunity. So while buddy husband was on a business trip to Italy, I artificial completed them to light, but wealthy appearing granite.
Here is how:

Step 1) Go online and discover pictures of granite which are attractive to you and fit your decor colours. Print out a sample sheet because of your working instance.

Measure 2) Assess the photograph carefully. Actual granite typically is composed of a primary, over-all colour with”blotches” or dots of secondary colours. Decide what is the foundation (background colour) are and the three or two secondary colours. For example, my granite selection required a profound golden background and dark brown, gold and white as secondary colours. Consult the regional paint shop worker to assist you with options if need be.

Measure 3) Clean the surface nicely then rinse pure white vinegar to give it a little more”enamel”. On Formica, a very light sanding aids to create your primer stick.

Oil-based primers supply you with the very best adhesion and durability.

Measure 5) After the primer is totally dry, now you can apply water-based paints to perform your job. Paint the base colour over the whole surface and let it dry.

Measure 6) using a brush, blot on your primary secondary colour (the one which appears to stand out the most on your printed sample) letting the background colour to show through.

Based upon the appearance of your sample (a very blotchy appearance or smoother, warmer colours ) you might choose to mix as you move. My sample revealed smoother, more combined colours. Yours could be rather spotty with certain”dots” of colour. If that’s the scenario, do not blend.

Measure 7) Spatter onto 2nd shade either by blotting bigger dots as with the initial shade or by dipping a toothbrush into the paint colour then flicking the bristles together with your palms (Shield the ground and rear walls or dab when doing this procedure ). Repeat the above processes with any additional colours necessary to finish the appearance.

The gloss gives you the look of shiny, glistening granite. DO follow manufacturer’s instructions when using all of the products.

There are a number of styles of granite to pick from and with only a lot of practice on a sample board before starting, you can accomplish essentially the exact same appearance with only a paintbrush along with these techniques.

Granite colour illustrations:

Deep Green Granite: Wallpaper dark Olive green, light olive oil and black as secondary colours.

Light brown granite: moderate brown backdrop with secondary colours of dark brown and cream.
You can now venture outside to discover just the ideal granite colour option for your job.

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