If You Let Go of Your Old Fashion Shoes?

I’ve got a wardrobe filled with style sneakers. While I say fashion sneakers, I suggest that at some stage in my life that they were in vogue. As you’re well aware, trend styles vary with time. In spite of this reality, I am one of those women that hang to each and every shoe I’ve because I develop emotionally attached to every pair. How do I go when I adore them?

Person Wearing Brown Leather Boots

My mother has committed the whole half of her walk-in cupboard to her style sneakers. She does not eliminate the shoes, particularly if they’re still in fantastic shape Mentalitch. She’ll just eliminate them when they’re broken or damaged. This doesn’t occur very frequently. I know I should not do it. I should not blame my shoe obsession with my mother. But how else could I describe it? OK, maybe I simply love my style shoes a little too much.

You will find a couple of platform shoes which I purchased back in 2000. These were my favorite set of going-out shoes. I wore them for this season when they had been in vogue but through this decade that the platform shoe was no longer in fashion. It was a fad that only stopped. I was frustrated because I adored that style shoe.

I could not bring myself to throw away the shoes or perhaps give them away. I moved back to my own wardrobe and found my favorite set of platform heels, cleaned them up a little and enjoyed a night out together. Everybody told me how much they adored my new style of sneakers. I blushed and approved the glow.

I believe the practice of saying goodbye to your style shoes is subjective. Unless your sneakers have been damaged beyond repair then there’s absolutely not any reason to eliminate them. Okay, there’s the exception when a trend strikes the fashion world. A tendency lasts longer and might return in a couple of years whereas a trend is only a 1 year struck. A trend is something bizarre that resembles a fantastic idea but it doesn’t have any longevity. Invest in stylish women shoes that will last you longer than 1 season.

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