Measures to Renew Your Home Card and Dominican ID

It’s vital for foreigners living in the Dominican Republic to possess all legal records current, especially their dwelling cards and cedulas (Dominican ID). After the home card and cedula die, foreigners are reluctant to initiate a renewal process residence pour personne agée laval in the General Immigration Department and in the Central Electoral Board when they intend on continue living in the nation, so as to keep their legal standing and be in a position to execute their everyday pursuits.

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Renew Your Home

It’s fairly valuable for foreigners to rekindle their immigration licenses on time, because such records are needed for purchasing a car, asking financing, renting an apartment, travelling overseas, to get a job interview, even when in an auto crash, in the event of being arrested by police authorities, or at any situation which would result quite difficult or almost impossible to solve without a legal cedula or immigration license.

By initiating the renewal process in period, not only might we prevent the scenarios mentioned previously but we also prevent having to pay extra taxes that increase for each extra month counting from the date of expiry.

Thus, what’s the method of renewing such licenses? Below we explain the measures; initial about the house renewal and moment, we’ll detail the procedure for getting a fresh Dominican ID or cedula.

As we mentioned previously, the thing accountable for managing home renewal requests is your General Immigration Department. Based upon the foreigner’s house type another procedure must be followed closely.

By way of instance, for the initial renewal of their investment home, foreigners must visit the General Immigration Department’s Investment Section using their first residence card, cedula and passport in addition to with the types granted from the earlier mentioned stamped with the seal of their sponsoring company, an employment letter clarifying that the foreigner functions in such business, among other records.

The new home card will be emitted the exact same day after the corresponding taxes are paid. After the initial renewal, less files will be asked for future renewals.

Spanish taxpayers renewing their home have another branch which handles just Spanish software motive why the renewal requests are managed faster. The Spanish Department will be accountable for getting the new home card that’s delivered the exact same day.
Individuals who belong to religious organizations are awarded a partial exemption for getting and renewing their legislation licenses.

The permanent house renewal procedure is more compared to the other kinds of homes mentioned previously, but they offer you a VIP support to renew your house in 1 day. The very same files needed for the Investment Home renewal has to be presented to your Permanent Home renewal.
Obviously, everything will be based on the foreigner’s urgency for his brand new card.

If he would like to travel abroad it’s suggested to ask the VIP service in which the home is revived in 1 day. When there’s absolutely no urgency in getting the new home, the standard process consists in asking an appointment for carrying the new image, changing any advice if needed and picking up the new home card.

For the three situations described above the revived house will likely be valid for two decades. If the resident has over 10 years living in the nation, he/she can ask for the home card to be legal for 4 years, 8 or 10 decades.

For Your Cedula

To be able to revive the cedula, the foreigner should take the revived residence card. At this moment, the foreigner will have the ability to alter any personal info like address, phone or civil position.

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