MicroShield Plus For iPod Classic Tech Review

Regardless of the fact that the price of most, though not all of the consumer electronics have dropped dramatically over the last two decades, even at costs ranging from #90 – #250 (based on version ), an iPod still represents a significant investment.

Classic Tech Review

The simple fact is that the iPod’s delicate controls can easily be ruined by dirt and other contaminants; the display can also be more likely to scratch if not managed correctly.

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The MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic is an electronic”suit of armor” to your apparatus – a transparent, form-fitting case built to offer protection from dust and scoring whilst permitting the user to readily access all functions in addition to switches and jacks.

The MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic functions not just as a shield but as a convenient storage device that easily attaches to one’s belt, in addition to a”kickstand” that enables one to set the iPod in an erect position for watching movies and other video websites.

This protective case for your iPod is produced of an extremely durable polycarbonate material that’s both unbreakable and scratch-resistant.

Polycarbonate is a sort of plastic that’s also utilized in bullet-resistant automotive glass; it provides exceptional durability and impact resistance, nevertheless, it is crystal clear (and actually is used in the production of various kinds of TechnoMono embroidered lenses). Actually, this kind of polycarbonate provides greater transparency compared to glass.

The MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic includes not just one, but two synonymous back panels, enabling it to accept either the iPod Classic or even the more innovative 160 GB variant.

At approximately #10 – #15, the MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic is a practical and cost-effective approach to guard your precious device. People who have other iPod versions will discover a lot of different MicroShield protections too, all which are priced at the identical easy-to-afford selection, a few of which include another wheel cover for all those iPod models which have such a controller.

Along with this MicroShield Plus, an individual may think about a fashionable leather sleeve to the iPod, in addition to several other iPod accessories that may greatly increase the performance of the versatile device. There’s a huge array of such accessories which offer not only security for your iPod, but enables one to port it with other apparatus like a computer, an electronic tv, and even a home stereo system!

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