Presenting the Spirit to God That the Father

As soon as we present our spirit into God the Father, after being openly and intentionally agreed to give ourselves to Him, in character we locate ourselves helplessly before His Infinite Majesty, confronting Him together with all the spirit on the hands of our uplifted hands.

God That the Father

God the Father, Jesus, and Mary all consider us silently, but intently, anticipating the handing over of our spirit to the Father, so it might grow to be completely His property Soul Manifestation review. Our Father awakens a luminous and indescribable, albeit veiled, attractiveness that both expands and envelops all environment, while our soul looks like a very clear orb of light which we maintain up humbly and supplicatingly, both in front of and into our Father, together with our hands.

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We then move to bow deeply to His Majesty, coming slowly on our knees below the steps of the throne where our Almighty Father resides. Having courage, humble confidence, and filial love within our hearts and heads we lift our eyes up to gaze directly upon our Heavenly Father, while simultaneously stretching our uplifted hands together with the orb of our soul to contribute to Him, such as safekeeping and glancing.

Our Father benignly, however none-the-less majestically, arises out of His throne and graciously contrasts the steps of the latter to fulfill taking both to Himself that blatant orb of light, faith, confidence, and trust that’s our soul.

As we keep kneeling there using all our uplifted faces, gazing with unearthly stillness upon our Father’s Lighting and attractiveness, God the Father then proceeds to gradually ascend back upon his throne, while quite tenderly and lovingly tucking off the orb of their soul tightly to his left side, to conserve it with fantastic vigilance and pleasure, in, through and by His loving Presence. The above is a brief outline of exactly what it’s like to present our spirits to God the Father, highlighting exactly what it’s like to become a really adoptive child of God, at a marriage not located elsewhere.

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