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Should We All Use PrEP? (HIV Prevention)

What’s PrEP?

PrEP (or even pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a pill which may be taken every day, exactly like the contraceptive pill, to stop the user catching HIV.

HIV Prevention

Roughly two-thirds of women aged 20-24 are using the oral contraceptive pills every day, a medication that has been praised as’revolutionising’ the contemporary world and significantly reducing the rate of unwanted pregnancy, so demonstrating that preventative medications can be enormously powerful and well-received.

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Is PrEP a favorable alternative?

There are over 100,000 individuals living with HIV in the united kingdom, a shocking and unnecessary figure which just appears to rise HIV prep pill. Most instances of HIV contraction are completely preventable, and PrEP is a remedy to a lot of people’s risk problems.

There’s, but the threat that individuals will see to the potential for contracting HIV using a level of flippancy upon the debut of a preventative medication, much as people using oral contraceptives are less inclined to use a condom.

Condoms continue to be exceptionally critical from the containment of acute diseases like HIV, and in addition, they stop extra sexually transmitted diseases from being passed on through sex. Tests completed on trial topics have shown no sign that PrEP promotes or generates risky behavior or a lack of condom usage.
Who should choose PrEP?

As it stands, PrEP is presently being utilized as an advisory way of decreasing the opportunity of catching HIV for people already at a higher risk – as an instance, someone whose spouse is HIV positive. It’s just at the trial period in the united kingdom, but has been easily available from the USA because 2012.

It’s now being analyzed predominantly on homosexual and bisexual men , who statistically have the best percentage of HIV cases in the nation. As a new medication, the side effects are still being tracked, but a lot of physicians backing the experimentation have worried that taking drugs for something you aren’t in a higher risk of is very likely to do much more bad than good.

PrEP was hailed as unnecessary and costly, supplying healthy individuals with drugs that the NHS might need to cover, all for a disease they do not have. However, evaluations have revealed that PrEP significantly lessens the likelihood of HIV, a lifelong disorder which needs the affected individual to be treated continually in the stage of regeneration; in actuality, the preventative issuing of PrEP is a considerably less expensive and sustainable alternative also saves people naturally suffering.

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