Steam Shower Cubicle Features

A steam shower cubicle can be easily defined as a self-indulgent cubicle or enclosure which has the capability to make and trap steam inside the enclosed region whilst at the same time supplying a showering center to wash or scrub down one’s body. But a contemporary steam shower cubicle intends to create home-bathing relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic. Thus, lots of new features are found within the contemporary steam shower cubicle. While not conclusive this report provides a review of the normal characteristics which might be discovered at a steam shower section of now.

Digital control panel

Most contemporary steam shower cubicles are fitted with a simple to use the control panel at the shower providing fast access to each of the steam shower attributes ipx4. Some steam shower cubicles can also give a remote controller, which permits the user to pick attributes from beyond the cubicle like pre-filling the cubicle with steam prior to entering.

Water Splash

Foot massage

A foot massage can be an extra feature that unites foot rollers and hydromassage water jets to handily massage your toes whilst sitting inside the cubicle. Rather than rollers, a steam shower walker might have a unique area on the ground where hydromassage jets squirt water on the bottoms of their feet.

Handheld shower

Ordinarily, a steam shower cubicle will offer a normal shower head fixed into a slide-rail.

Overhead shower increased

The overhead shower increased gives the feeling of standing outside at a rainfall.

Body jets

Body jets could be found over the consumer’s mind, along with the duration of the consumers back or on the lower legs.

Music & Phone Link

Speaker and radio
The user can listen from the controller panel for their favorite radio channels and listen to them in the inbuilt shower speaker.

Steam Generator

The steam generator is essential to almost any steam shower and comes in several designs and styles but with the exact same function – producing steam. The electronic control panel will give the consumer the choice of placing a time limitation or temperature limitation for automatic shut from the steam generator.


An extra feature found in certain steam cubicles enables the consumer to squeeze a few drops of rosemary oil (frequently plant or shrub extracts) on the steam or to a specially designed toaster. The consumer may then benefit from the aromatherapy scents and physiological advantages it can provide.

Thermostatic control

The thermostatic control is used to pick a particular water temperature and ought to keep control of the water in the selected temperature. Some components can furnish built-in temperature security for younger consumers.

Chromotherapy Lighting

Chromotherapy has been proven to change one’s psychological state.

Extractor fan

An extractor fan offers ventilation and air flow in addition to allowing the user to clean steam from this cubicle with no opening the doorways.

Fluorescent overhead lighting

Overhead fluorescent lighting can be included to light up the steam shower cubicle. The light will surround the overhead rain shower increased.

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