The Cost of Installing Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are among the most precious and favorite options of luxury kitchen surfaces. But, coupled with the purchase price of substances, the price of installing granite countertops could be high and prevents a lot of people from installing natural stone countertops when repainting their kitchen.

Various Kinds of Granite Countertops

Not all of granite countertops are both pricey, and substantial savings can be achieved by using lower grade granite. In cases like this, lower quality isn’t a manifestation of their durability or attractiveness of this rock, but how rare it really is.

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Installing Granite Countertops

Slab granite countertops would be the most costly, since they’re a naturally shaped single slab of granite rock cut to quantify, whilst granite counter tops and granite tiles are more economical but won’t seem seamless, which can be something desired on a kitchen counter tops.

Before disregarding granite entirely, think about checking out other kinds of organic stone to find out whether the less costly alternatives are within your budget countertops orlando. The expense of installing granite countertops may also be decreased if you select a granite type which may be installed by the homeowner, rather than slab granite which needs specialist tools and specialist abilities.

Slab Granite Countertops

There, seasoned professionals will set up it. If you dream of trying a DIY job with this you risk breaking up the rock, and wasting a great deal of cash. Exotic stones which have to be imported will be more costly than locally sourced ones, and the setup prices will reflect that also.

Modular Granite

You can produce any kind of kitchen distribution together, and if you’re an expert DIY you can also install it , which means that you may get granite about three or four times cheaper than normal slab rock. On the flip side, seams are inevitable. But because modular granite bits are rather large there are not too numerous seams as with granite tile counter tops.

Granite Tile Countertops

This is the most affordable method of growing granite, and you can also install it , lowering the prices even more. It really involves installing laminate tiles on the counter tops, attached with epoxy rather than grout and mortar. If it reminds you of installing flooring tiles, it’s because granite tile countertops are usually only floor tiles, repurposed.

This implies there will be a great deal of seams, that isn’t something you truly want on a kitchen, but it is true an extremely affordable method of obtaining a granite countertop that you could set up yourself. You’re able to get granite tiles in any house remodelling shop, for costs as low as $4 a square foot should you utilize 3/4 inches granite sheets.

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