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The Sacramento Kings Play to Be Crowned As NBA Royalty

It’s great to be king! When you’re king, you’re the very best of the best, the Big Kahuna, the Grand Poobah, etc. Even though the Sacramento Kings have inherited a title of royalty, they all expect to one day be crowned king of all of the NBA: NBA Champions!

The Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings have just played in the NBA since the 1985-1986 season. But as 1945, they Also Have played the Rochester Royals, the Cincinnati Royals, the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, along with the Kansas City Kings. Back in 1985, the Kings made a 37-45 record in their premiere within an NBA team Sacramento. While the album has been good enough to be eligible for the playoffs, the Houston Rockets caught them (3-0).

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After the team jumped to Kansas City, it changed its name to reduce confusion. Although they had been the Royals at Rochester and Cincinnati, Kansas City had a Major League Baseball team using the title”Royals.”

Although Sacramento is the capital of California, the majority of us are familiar with the California cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, etc.. Here are some interesting facts about Sacramento:

O Average yearly rainfall: 17 inches each year or .32 inches each week
o Important businesses: computers/electronics, printing, glass, timber products, agriculture
o Main agricultural products: rice, corn, safflower, sugar beets, and tomatoes
o Involved history’s biggest human migration following the 1848 discovery of gold
Considering that the 1985-1986 season, the Kings have won two Division names, and also have made 10 playoff appearances. Even though they’ve not played in an NBA Finals series, the Kings progressed deep in the playoffs, during the 2001-2002 season.

Ahead of the 2001-2002 year began, the Kings had obtained Mike Bibby (point guard). The Kings’ 61-21 album created them kings of the NBA regular season, also has been their all-time greatest franchise record. In the playoffs, the Kings will quiet the Utah Jazz (3-1), then subdue the Dallas Mavericks (4-1). From the Western Conference Finals, the Kings would face the powerful Los Angeles Lakers.

Most fans of the NBA believe the 2002 war between the Kings and the Lakers, to be among the best playoff series from the league’s history. Ahead from the series 3-2, the Lakers won Game 6, where they shot at a whopping 40 free throws! Game 7 has been yet another conflict, which contained an incredible 19 lead changes and 16 ties. In overtime, the Lakers outlasted the Kings, winning the match 112-106 as well as the series 4-3.

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