Understanding the Different Hammertoe Surgery Procedures

When a toe comes with a muscle imbalance between the joints on the bottom and top, the outcome is a hammertoe. During the earlier phases of the deformity, the toe remains elastic lake view osteo pathy. Regrettably, if the disease proceeds to go untreated, what was flexible a can gradually become stiff and unmovable. After the problem reaches the point, there’s not much else to do compared to experience hammertoe surgery.

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Flexible Procedures

If done while the toe, or feet, remains in the elastic stage, a very simple limb discharge is frequently the selection. In this technique could take the underside tendon, called a flexor, and then reposition to the peak of the toe.

A very simple limb launch is the simplest concerning recovery. There’s ordinarily no greater than a little incision, which can be closed with one stitch and coated with a Band-Aid. People who need to have many feet operated on at precisely the exact same time, recovery can take slightly more.

Rigid Procedures

But, for people who place off hammertoe operation until the joint is stiff, the surgery becomes slightly more complicated. 1 method employed is arthroplasty. In extreme situations, the physician may remove the whole joint and add an implant. Since the area heals, the scar tissue joins the joint or augmentation into the surface, which enables the toe to be elastic once more.

Occasionally an arthroplasty isn’t an alternative. In cases like this, the health care provider will conduct a combination operation. After removing the bone and cartilage, the toe is directly and the physician inserts a pin to the bone. A few weeks later, the physician removes the trap. You may regain some flexibility at the toe, even though it’s constrained.


For the most part, retrieval takes just a few weeks. For people who have hammertoe surgery to get a stiff phalanx, the physician will put a bandage on the foot, which will not need elimination till you return for your follow up visit. You ought to stay away from the foot as far as possible throughout your recovery and needs to be in a position to come back to stiff soled walking shoes in a few weeks. People who needed to possess bones fused will undergo a few more weeks of healing.

It’s not uncommon to feel like the feet are floppy following the process. The most frequent criticism is swelling.

Should you start to observe callouses or corns from wearing your sneakers, you might consult with a podiatrist to make certain you aren’t receiving the first phases of hammertoe. By grabbing it early, your health care provider can utilize preventative therapy and you may prevent having hammertoe surgery.

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