Were the Israelites’ Shoes and Clothes Indestructible?

We’re advised that for two years in the wilderness that the shoes and clothing of the Israelites miraculously never wore out. (Deut. 8:4)

“And I’ve led you forty years in the jungle. (Deut. 29:5)

(Neh. 9:21)

Were their garments and sneakers supernaturally preserved? Or is that just one more accounts of the Lord providing all their wants, regardless of what the requirement?

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Shoes and Clothes

Guess what else I discovered about their supplies from the wilderness?We discover the Israelites had lots of clothing and changes of clothes when they left Egypt Vault 813 (Branded). (Ex. 12:34, 35) They had their own clothes on their own shoulders and borrowed raiment in the Egyptians.

They had the ability to style the gold, silver, wood and brass things that constitute the temple. They have been quite accomplished brick manufacturers and bricklayers in their final job in Egypt. You will find engravers in rock who left the priests’ breastplate. They had been living in tents therefore that there was tentmakers.

Their clothes and clothes manufacturing abilities were evident if they were controlled by the Lord to create the priests’ clothing. (Ex. (Ex. 28:15) They can even create britches of lace. (Ex. 28:42) They had all of the craftsmanship and supplies to produce new garments.

The Lord gave them tips prohibiting the mix of various materials like linen and wool together. (Deut. 22:11) Why could the Lord teach them how best to generate their garments if they weren’t making their garments?

Naturally there weren’t any J.C. Penny or even K-mart shops to buy new clothing in the time so many folks had to rely on their own craftsmanship. We can’t eliminate the potential for trade with all the Moabites and other nomadic tribes . (Deut. 2:34-36)

What about the kids who had been born and grew to maturity through the forty year travel? Were babies born with clothes and shoes? Did the outfits that match the babies expand as the child grown? Did the sneakers miraculously elongate as the toes climbed? Or were there consistently enough supplies to create replacements?

We have to also think about harm to the clothes like a casual tear or tear. Was the substance wear evidence? Didn’t anyone wear a hole in the knee or elbow region of their garment for two decades? Does each sandal hold up rather than violate a strap?

(Neh. Nor did let their toes become swollen and bruised out of worn out shoes. He provided for each of their needs by providing all the needed stuff in prosperity. It states for forty years nothing! (Deut. 2:7)

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